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Mattia Zamboni

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As most of the Lego fans I grew up spending weeks and months building with Lego bricks. Then I grew up and guess what? I became an engineer. But my big Lego passion is still burning brightly.

Then why not combine it with my skills in 3D graphic arts and photography ?


So, Brickpassion was born, with the ultimate goal of providing the best Lego models the photographic treatment they really deserve.

And if you are like me you and can't resist the temptation of building here is some good news: Brickpassion's other goal is to provide crystal clear, eye-catching and color rich building instructions.


Inspired by the Lego Idea Books sold years ago by the Lego Group, Brickpassion is providing books with high quality building instructions allowing everyone to build the stunning models created by Lego enthusiasts around the world.


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