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In this section you can find the interviews on newspapers and radio stations

Virtual LEGO: the key to amazing renderings May, 2017


This is an article I wrote for the cool magazine Hispabrick.

Over the years I have had several requests from people asking

how I generate my renderings and whether I could share some of my secrets. Well, this is an attempt to address this.


Read the article here or get the entire issue 027 for free here.


Thanks Hispabrick for the opportunity!


Interview on BrickJournal - January, 2017


This is a cool interview on the BrickJournal  full of behind the scenes infos on Tiny LEGO Wonders.

You don't wanna miss it since I am revealing an exclusive Easter egg !!


Read the interview here or get the entire issue here.




Interview on Cooperazione, May 19, 2015


Interested about the latest updates on my LEGO related activities?

Download the interview on Cooperazione here. (Italian)


Enjoy the reading.



Interview on CdT - eXtra, March 13, 2014


Are you passionate about Lego bricks?

Then don't miss the interview I had recently with CdT - eXtra, the main newspaper of Ticino region in Switzerland. In the interview I presented the success of LEGO and its succesful product range.


You can download the article here. (Italian)


Enjoy !


Interview on BrickJournal - May 16, 2014


 interview about the Lego build-it book series.


It's a very cool interview which provides some behind the scenes detail. Don't wait, get it here!


Interview at Radio RSI - July 30, 2013


Mattia was hosted at RSI, the main local radio station in the italian speaking part of Switzerland.


Listen to the interview here to learn about his adventure !



Interview on GdP - July 12, 2013


The newspapers got interested in the Lego Build-it books birth story.


Here you can find an interview by journalist Andrea Finessi.

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