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Conversion LDD <-> LDraw




Building with virtual bricks is possible with 2 families of softwares: LDD (Lego Digital Designer) or LDraw CAD, with several software available i.e.  MLCAD, LeoCAD, SR 3D Builder, LDCad, etc...

The file formats between the 2 families are unfortunately different and incompatible.

The good news is that it is possible to convert between the 2 formats: this can be done directly in LDD using the import/export menus.

In the conversion process a "translation list" is used (ldraw.xml). Such a file is located in your LDD installation folder.

Since new parts are popping up everyday this file has to be kept updated in order for the conversion to work properly, and in addition not all the parts currently have proper translation data.

This list is in fact not maintained by the LEGO Group, but by the Lego fan community, which includes me, you, everybody... everybody! ;-)

The goal of this page is to keep this file as updated as possible by gathering the contributions from everybody.


Note: This file has been based on the one found on, Ver. 4.40 Beta. A few dozens have already been added to date.


Here you can download the latest version:


Ldraw.xml (updated Sept 30th, 2015)


Let's combine and share our efforts! If you created/fixed the conversion of a part,  just send it to me and I will include quickly it in latest update available to everyone.


This is an example of conversion code from ldraw.xml:


<!-- Tile 2 x 2 Corner 14719.dat --> 
<Transformation ldraw="14719.dat" tx=".8" ty="-.32" tz="0" ax="0" ay="1" az="0" angle="3.141593" /> 


Thank you very much!






Latest parts added/fixed:

Sept 24th, 2015



Sept 28th, 2015






Sept 30th, 2015




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