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How to Build Dream Cars with LEGO Bricks
Zoom into the world of LEGO with amazing dream cars!
If you’re a fan of beautiful design and iconic cars, this book will give you creative ideas on how to build your dream cars from LEGO. The 208-page paperback instruction book includes full-color photos and easy step-by-step directions for each model. QR codes will direct you to video instructions online for each build as well. Zoom into the world of LEGO art.


  • Dodge Charger '70

  • Porsche 911 Turbo

  • Corvette Stingray

  • Ford Mustang ‘67 Fastback

  • Ford GT40

  • and more !!


Pedal to the metal folks!





Book Details

Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher (ITA): NuiNui (September, 2018)

Publisher (ENG): Thunderbay Press (December, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1684125395
Product Dimensions:  8.7 x 0.8 x 11.2 inches








Cobra shelby.PNG



  • Lamborghini Countach

  • Ferrari F40

  • Bugatti Atlantic

  • Shelby Cobra 427

  • Ferrari 458 Italia



The instructions are accompanied by the history and specifications of the cars and fantastic photo-realistic renders of the real vehicles. There are also renders of the LEGO versions which look stunning, too. (Read here)

‘How to Build Dream Cars’ manages to accurately recreate some of the world’s best known cars without a single sticker, whilst using more advanced techniques to achieve greater realism than LEGO’s Speed Champions sets. (Read here)

The resulting car builds are smaller than LEGO Speed Champions but are uncannily accurate in details and contours to their inspirations. Panteleon and Zamboni achieved that effect through the seamless mixing of traditional LEGO bricks with stud-less Technic parts. (Read here)

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This book is packed with beautiful renderings of each LEGO vehicle and every light, shadow and glimmer seems thoughtfully placed. Step-by-step building instructions are crisply printed against a black background which seems to let each step leap off the page.  (...)

Each model building session kicks off with a brief history of the vehicle and a rundown of each car’s specifications.  Next, the reader is shown a spectacular full-spread LEGO rendering of the car you will build and you will swear it’s a physical model.  Some Brick Journal readers may recall that Zamboni is a 3D computer graphics expert and for those not yet familiar with Zamboni’s rendering abilities, prepare to be floored. 

The BrickJournal (Issue coming up soon!)

This is a fabulous book for Lego sports car fans. It also inspires the builder to try this techniques with other builds, adding to the skill repertoire. We highly recommend it for any Lego enthusiast and are hoping for a second book of vehicles!

J.D.E. Amazon customer (Read here)






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